6 Tips to creating a Good COVID-19 Security Plan

  • Only rely on COVID-19 trusted sources for information.
  • Research and verify all charities that you might want to donate to.
  • Don’t click on any links within an email or open email attachments.
  • Never respond to any emails that are in your junk or spam area.
  • Never respond to any emails that are from unknown sources.
  • Do not offer any financial or personal information.
  • Make sure that the URL domain as an “HTTPS” (s=security) An HTTP URL is not secure.
  • Verify the URL domain name: Reputable sellers don’t usually have subdomains that have elaborate or long web addresses.
  • Visit the seller website. Look at the “About us” page to make sure they have contact information.
  • Examine the seller URL for any spelling errors. Some criminals do this to imitate real sellers.
  • Don’t purchase products that are on social media pages such as Facebook ads.
  • Before buying anything check out any product reviews.




CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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