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There has been an increased effort on the part of cybercriminals to take advantage of any opportunity or weakness in a government or company so that they can launch a cyberattack, breach a system, and in most cases demand payment. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) reported that it is costing South Africa over R2.2 billion per year and increasing almost exponentially. The attack in SA on the Transnet system may have been the most noticed, but these crimes occur on a daily basis, striking at companies that are vulnerable.

Cybercrime Types:

There are two…

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The most recent cyberattack on Transnet, the state-owned port and rail operator, offers a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of cybersecurity problems in South Africa. As with many countries, the power of the economy depends on import/export abilities, and when the ports have to stop it creates a cascade effect that reaches everyone in lack of products, especially food. The week-long shut down due to what was greyly listed as an “IT disruption” halted everything from their communications, payroll, and even their website.

Denys Reva, an Institute for Security Studies SA maritime researcher believes…

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Digital security is now one of the top concerns of businesses around the globe, however, it is of particular importance in South Africa, where breaches and cyber attacks have been on the rise. Phishing has been one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to access important and proprietary business data and once stolen, it can do enough damage to shut a business down.

According to Accenture: “Some threat actors may consider South Africa a testing ground for malware.19 As cybersecurity measures are not as robust amongst private and public enterprises in South Africa as they are in other…

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The digital age has brought into play a number of changes that are not only required but critical to maintaining security for both private individuals and companies. Keeping sensitive information safe for a business is a high priority, and cybercriminals (also known as “threat actors”) devote hours to trying to breach company systems. Cybercrime has accelerated to the point where billions of dollars are lost each year globally, and some have been to the point of destroying the reputation of a company.

Data privacy relates to the ways that an organisation protects its data, which…

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The POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013) in South Africa became effective in 2016, however, as most businesses know, it has had little in the way of enforcement. This status has completely changed effective July 1, 2020, because now POPIA is empowered with the ability to investigate and fine responsible parties for lack of compliance in data protection.

What Is POPIA?

The long-awaited law has a purpose that aligns SA data protection methods along the same lines as most of the rest of the developed world. POPIA creates a variety of…

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According to data acquired by VPNoverview, UK police forces experienced 2,386 data breaches in 2020.

The data was made public after 31 of the UK’s 45 police forces responded to a Freedom of Information request, and it contains numerous troubling details. For example, between January 2016 and April 2021, police stations saw an average of 299 data breaches, according to the research. It confirms that the number includes both illegal hacking and human error, albeit it does not define how those occurrences occurred. …

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Cyber criminals using ransomware have been around for a long time however in the last 5 years or so they have changed their methods of attack from private citizens to larger, more lucrative victims. In the last few years, hackers have focused on the bigger medical institutions and in May 2021 they sent their malware into the U.S. privately owned company of Colonial Pipeline. The results? Colonial Pipeline who supplies 45% of the fuel to the U.S. East Coast shut down for days, causing a multi-state panic, gas shortages, gas hoarding, and cost the company $4.4…

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One of the priorities of every cybersecurity organisation is to explain that a majority of breaches in a system occurs due to compromised “privileged access” accounts. Depending on the age and size of a business, privileged access account management could have gone unchecked for years to decades, allowing an increasing number of accounts to access onsite and remotely, as well as using RPA (robotic process automation) that uses privilege access abilities. …


While the internet and faster broadband speeds have brought a number of benefits, they have also opened the doors for extensive increases in illegal accesses to content. Known as “digital piracy,” this type of theft covers a gamut of sources including music, films, books, TV, games, and software. Piracy websites have become a haven for those that steal sources and then sell them back at discounted rates. …

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Facebook has had a litany of problems almost since its inception. Creating a business model that has online advertising opened the door for some rather devious criminals. The unfortunate fact that Facebook users seemed to trust the social media platform enough to not only put large volumes of personal information but to also attach payment methods such as PayPal to their account offered a ripe opportunity for cybercriminals to take over their profile and impersonate the user for scams.

Cybercriminals have used a number of methods…

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