Cyber Security 101 — DaVinci Cyber Security Guide to Protecting Yourself in Today’s Digital World

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Cyber criminals have become very sophisticated in the various methods that they use to try to steal personal and proprietary information. DaVinci Cyber Security specializes in maintaining up to the minute information on every aspect of cyber security so that we can help to ensure that our clients are protected. There are a variety of nuanced devices and services that are required to counteract each of the actions these bad actors take and this is a quick explanation guide on what we bring to our customers.

Services That Help to Defend

Any cyber security organization must include an array of services that address the many aspects that cyber criminals use.

  • Phishing Simulations: Phishing is one of the most successful methods used by criminals. They take advantage of employee and staff lack of information to send emails and/or clickable links to distribute spyware and malware for the purpose of stealing your data. Phishing simulations educates everyone as part of user security awareness so that they can recognize potential threats before they have the time to succeed in their actions. The simulations set up “mock attacks” as tests and can include everything from emailing attachments, clickable links, all the way to voice phishing (known as “vishing”) designed to get victims to return calls to expose personal information. We supply every type of attack method used by the criminals including SMS (text messages) that appear as if they are from legitimate sources. Phishing simulation empowers people to stop the threat actors in their tracks.




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Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity


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