Easiest Way for Cybercrime is with “Privileged Access” in an Organisation

  • Domain Administrative Account: This is an administrative access account that has the ability to work across all servers and workstations in a network. They are usually rarely assigned but are some of the most extensive and robust.
  • Super User Account: This is a standard account that is typically assigned to administrators in the IT Department so that they can configure applications and systems as well as add, change, or delete user accounts.
  • SSH (Secure Socket Shell) key: This type of account is a way to access critical system control protocols via direct root access within a Linux or Unix-type operating system. A “root” is the account or user name that basically has access to all files and commands in the operating system.
  • Administrative Account, Local: This type of account has administrative access for workstation or endpoint so that changes can be made using a username/password to local devices or stations only.
  • Emergency Only Account: As the name suggests, it is an account that offers users “emergency use” administrative access and is sometimes called “break glass” or “firecall” account.
  • Business User Privileged Account: This is an individual that is allowed to gain sensitive system access but is outside of the standard IT Department. It might involve someone in human resources, accounting/finance, or marketing.




CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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