Small Business Cybersecurity Toolkit- Part 2 of 2

Your Sensitive Data

  • Know what data resides on the network and where and maintain consistent inventories of all sensitive and/or critical information.
  • Create a standard procedure of regular automated backups and design key system redundancy.
  • Know the methods that protect the data including physical security, offline copies, and encryption.
  • Enhance the system with malware protection.
  • Maintain constant updates on all security software.
  • Monitor and manage the status of the network and any peripheral components including host and device, user activities, and data-at-rest and in-transit.

Response to Compromise

  • Have a relationship with a professional cybersecurity company to assist in the development of risk analysis, response to an incident, and disaster recovery plan in place. The plan must outline all responsibilities, contact levels, and roles and be consistently tested.
  • Have an emergency contact list of all individuals and organizations to contact for help including vendors, outside partners, law enforcement, industry responders.
  • Identify which systems require priority recovery to assist in business impact.
  • Create an internal reporting structure for detecting, reporting, and communicating to reduce any attack crisis.
  • Have actions ready to put in place in-house to limit or contain any cyberattack impact.

The Order of Bringing System Back Online




CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

Sharon @ Da Vinci Cybersecurity

CEO of Da Vinci Forensics, a Cyber Security Company. #Cybercrime, #DigitalForensics #Marketing #Digital #Marketing #Risk #Management #Strategy #lifelessons #

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